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The Eternal Parade: Street Styles

This is the first post in an ongoing series indulging my fascination for the individual statements people make through the clothes they wear and the street styles, trends, and movements they are part of.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me now, but in my time I’ve been a 2-Tone Rude Boy in sta-press trousers and pork-pie hat dancing my teenage way through The Specials (spot them in one of the pics above), The Selector and Madness. A Smiths-era Morrissey clone (sans daffodil in back pocket). A polo-necked uber-beatnik complete with beard (before they were trendy). And a dread-locked festival-goer seeking sun, sea and surf as the 20th Century turned into the 21st.

And, no you’re not getting photographic evidence. A man has to preserve some sense of dignity without social media feasting on his fashion triumphs and tragedies!

Perhaps it’s being half-Italian or simply having lived through some of the great fashion/music/culture convergences of the late 20th Century, but I have always loved style and fashion. Especially that as expressed ‘on the streets’: the everyday offerings of individuality, sexuality, allegiances, and cultural signs that people wear to say ‘this is me’.

The 21st Century has broken down the boundaries of fashion. Just taking a walk along a city street can throw up cyber-Goths alongside skaters alongside couture divas alongside brand junkies or all of the above mixed in to something utterly new. Doesn’t matter. It just is. It is a never-ending parade. And it’s enthralling.

Well to me anyway.

It’s not an original idea I know, and has been done very beautifully elsewhere by people like The Sartorialist, but from time to time I’m going to photographically celebrate individuals who are making their own contribution to style, culture and street life.

It might be a haircut, a unique item of clothing, or a whole look. I don’t know until I see it.

I’m beginning here with a random selection of images taken in various locations without really knowing that they might become part of a series.

Top: Soho Hipster – Berwick Street, London.
Bottom: Festival Goers – Sonisphere Festival 2014; Punks – Venice Beach, California.

All images © James Bellorini