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One of London’s hidden architectural gems can be found where Shaftesbury Avenue meets Charing Cross Road.It’s often overlooked, but the windows and archways of the old Welsh Church have watched over the bustling streets of Soho since 1888. in it’s time it has been a church, a nightclub, and a Walkabout theme bar, It is now currently under reconstruction and due to become a new performance venue called Stone Nest.

I was commissioned to create an ongoing reportage of the initial stages of the renovation project. To do so, I photographed the entire property and it’s multitude of interior spaces across 3 months. It was fascinating to respond to the history of the newly revealed aspects of building as it was stripped back to it’s original shell. Many aspects of the interior changed very fast as the work progressed. Often I was shooting things that would have disappeared by the time I next visited. So, I had to be thorough each time I visited. Frequently, I was lost in the interior maze for hours on end ensuring I had details and wide shots covered. Even when those things might have at first appeared trivial. Often they ended up being visually important or intriguing.

What is surprising to me  looking at these images is the beauty that can exist during this period of disruption and planned destruction, especially where the marks of human interaction come to the fore. Shape, form and texture create an interesting, and in some cases painterly, harmony.

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