A Project About Gender Identities, July 2017

The images here form the first part of a personal project looking at gender identity and association of leisure items, toys, and other related objects.

I’ve been using gender opposite visual elements (including oil, plastics etc) in these images to explore whether or not the gender labels we associate with these objects is true anymore. I guess it’s also an opportunity to question marketing and advertising too. 

The project has been published in a small print run funded by Redeye, The Photography Network.

The title REDOX is taken from the chemical reactions involved in the transfer of electrons between chemical species during oxidation.

Click on the images above for the full versions.

With thanks to: Ralf Darcy-Higgins, Paolo Delogu,  Sarah Bellorini, Geoff Brokate, and Chris Long for his book design.

All images © James Bellorini 2017. All rights reserved.

I’m a commercial and editorial photographer. I started shooting full-time in 2013. Subsequently I have worked with advertising agencies, design agencies, entrepreneurs, performers, musicians, DJ’s, singers, models, and culture and entertainment organisations/brands. Recent clients include: The National Theatre, Innovision, UKTI, Siren Design, Glyndebourne Productions Ltd, Stone Nest, The Old Vic etc.