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Look at these beautiful, clever people. All performers of one kind or another who appeared at this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival 2017 .

In case you don’t know, Brighton Fringe Festival is a month of amazing arts and culture across the East Sussex city that I call home. This year’s festival was the largest in it’s history with 970 events showing in 155 venues. These included dance shows, stand-up comedy, music, magicians, burlesque acts, you name it.

I was commissioned by the Fringe as an accredited photographer working on publicity and marketing photography for them as well as shooting some of the performances and events. But I really wanted to do something extra and get closer to some of the people that created work for the festival. And a series of portrait shoots was the perfect opportunity to do just that, a chance to create some portraits made away from the direct glare and hubbub of the performances themselves. Some of the results are shown here.

There are artists here from Holland who were playing in the Dutch Season showing the best of the Amsterdam Fringe, as well as some winners of Fringe bursaries that support artists in Brighton & Hove to make their work a reality. And, the guys from Mr Saiqo above, loved one of their photos so much they decided to use as the poster for an international tour. 

The images here were made with the assistance of The Warren, Bar Broadway, & The Old Market Theatre, so big thanks go to them.

All images © James Bellorini 2017. All rights reserved.

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