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So, hi.
I’m Jamie. Or James.
The images at the top of this post might help you guess that I’m a commercial and editorial photographer.

I shoot people. A lot. Not literally of course.

I also shoot food, lifestyle imagery, music and entertainment photography.

But, I guess that’s not all I am. Underneath the ‘job description’ is someone who has, for most of his life, been creatively driven. I’ve always believed in the pursuit of self-expression: tapping into the human experience and making things. Photos, collages, music, food, a mean tiramisu even!!
At college I trained as a fine artist and photographer. And when I struck out from there it was in interior design photography. However, my adult life took me along a number of different paths that didn’t directly relate to my training but which had creativity (in some form) at the centre.
But throughout my journey along various avenues of life, the one thread I’ve been drawn back to time and time again is visual creation. Perhaps it’s because I think visually.
After a life-changing experience (that’s another story), in May 2013 I changed the focus of my career. I returned to what I’d learned when I was younger and the subject that inspired and excited me most: photography. I embraced the challenge of exploring the new digital landscape and began turning that into a career. I’m just over two full years into that journey, still at start-up stage, but with an ever-expanding list of clients and commissions that include design agencies, national brands and some amazing individuals.
Challenge has always been one of my main motivators. I respond best when I’m being stretched in some way and have to step out of my comfort zone. If I get too familiar with one aspect of my work/creativity then it’s time to explore something else. Not at the expense of what I’m doing but in addition to it. I want to keep growing. To keep learning. I never want to become stale. It’s a challenge I acknowledge in photography AND with blogging.
So, what’s my blog about?
It’s a place to reflect on and investigate the challenges of being creative and in business.

It’s about images, of course. Recent work from client shoots. Archive photos. Experiments. And more.

It’s about what I’ve delivered for past clients and what I can offer potential clients as a photographer AND person. My skills. My eye. Strengths. My quirks.

Occasionally it’s about cameras because, well, you know, I love them. I can’t help myself. They’ve been in my life for so long.

It’s about my direct experiences as a creative and as a business start-up.

And it’s about the things that inspire me: style, music, films, the streets, people.

Hopefully something in it will provide some value to you the reader/visitor enough to want to check in again from time to time. I’d like that. Above all else, that is what I would measure the success of my blog by.

After all being creative is about communication, so if I can say something with my blog (and my work) that speaks to someone else then that is the best ‘hello’ of all.

All images © James Bellorini. All Rights Reserved.

James is an editorial and documentary photographer working for the commercial and consumer markets. He started shooting professionally in 2013 and has since worked with advertising agencies, design agencies, entrepreneurs, performers, musicians, DJ’s, singers, models, and culture and entertainment organizations/brands. Recent clients include: Innovision, UKTI, Siren Design, Glyndebourne Productions Ltd, Stone Nest, The Old Vic etc.