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2016: One Year Through The Lens


The end of a year is always time to assess where we’ve come from.

And, of course, where we’re going.

And Wow! 2016. What a year it’s been for so many reasons. It will go down in history as having been one of the most polarising, hilarious, and shocking.

However, for myself as a freelancer, it has been about risk-taking. Pushing the boundaries of my comfort zones.

While our brains are great things, they often focus on the potential negatives of big decisions that have to be made whilst running a business. Even a business of just one person. Perhaps even more so. They often try to talk us out of making those decisions. After all they are always seeking out certainty and security. As a result, we become prone to fears which may or may not exist.

Therefore, the big question becomes: what’s the price of staying where I am?

I had come to a point in early 2016 when I had to answer that question myself. As a result I chose to shift my home and business. In  March I moved out of the London/M25 catchment area, where I’d lived and worked for more than a decade, and moved to Brighton on the UK’s South Coast.

I’m lucky enough to say that the move has paid off.

It’s opened up opportunities. And avenues of change. Plus, in addition to living by the sea (always a bonus), I’ve already met and worked with some incredible people. These include artists, entrepreneurs, DJs, press officers, and award-winning designers. And I’m giving some of them a ‘visual heads-up’ in the gallery above. They deserve it. They’re examples of risk-takers. Nearly all of them creating in some way.

I’ve spent 2016 deliberately maintaining a path of diversity.

Choosing not to pursue a specific single photographic niche. This goes against the received ‘wisdom’ of many business advisors. However, more important to me is my approach to my craft, my business, and to people in general. That’s what I’ve been concentrating on.

What does that look like?

Well, it includes the obvious things of being technically and creatively adept and versatile, and offering great service. Yet more than that it’s about being a problem solver, being responsive, focusing on engagement with people and clients. Aiming more and more to be myself.

Perhaps it’s my own A.D.D. but I like to keep things fresh and not stand still. Never resting on my laurels.

I’m happy to say that I’ve seen results from a slew of new clients, stronger working relationships with existing clients, and an upsurge in the range of what I shoot and offer. As a result, despite so many factors beyond my control, I’d say 2016 has been a truly exciting and challenging ride.

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to say a big thank you to my clients: the new ones, and those that I’ve been privileged to shoot for again and again.

Thanks for reading this and taking an interest in my work.

Whatever you do, wherever you are,  I wish you happy holidays, happy Christmas, and a prosperous and exciting New Year.



2016 through some of the images I shot during the past 12 months.

  1. ‘Of Riders & Running Horses’ performed by Still House at the National Theatre River Stage Festival.
  2. Actor Caroline O’Hara photographed in Brighton for her publicity portfolio.
  3. Handmade vegan apple crumble photographed for Brighton-based fitness and health expert Everfitt.
  4. Custom car photographed at the Furle Hill Climb 2016.
  5. Portrait of a Georgian re-enactor as part of my personal project ‘Artificial Bodies?’.
  6. Sola Akingbola performing at the National Theatre River Stage Festival.
  7. Burlesque performer Lady Marmaduke photographed for her publicity portfolio.
  8. A product lifestyle image for toys and games in the Glyndebourne Christmas catalogue.
  9. The Cunning Little Vixen in rehearsal, for Glyndebourne Productions Ltd.
  10. Connections at 21 performance at The National Theatre.
  11. Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) DJ’ing at baby Loves Disco for Brighton Fringe.
  12. Actor and singer Olivia Crow photographed for her publicity portfolio.
  13. Handmade chocolate truffles photographed for artisanal chocolatier Ilze’s Chocolat.
  14. The Glory performing at the National Theatre’s River Stage Festival.
  15. Portrait from my ongoing personal project ‘The Reveries Of Kitty Pridden’. 

All images © James Bellorini 2016. All rights reserved.

I’m a commercial and editorial photographer. I started shooting full-time in 2013. Subsequently I have worked with advertising agencies, design agencies, entrepreneurs, performers, musicians, DJ’s, singers, models, and culture and entertainment organizations/brands. Recent clients include: The National Theatre, Innovision, UKTI, Siren Design, Glyndebourne Productions Ltd, Stone Nest, The Old Vic etc. In September 2015 I joined the Redeye Network’s Lightbox programme for emerging photographers and I’m a founding member of the photography collective RISE.