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Youjuice Health Food Cafe

Sensational and sensuous food.

Youjuice are one of Brighton’s best health-food outlets. They specialize in creating amazing vegetarian and vegan juices and foods. All of them are freshly prepared on premises and are truly tasty & nourishing. 

Each of their three outlets is beautifully designed and a pleasure to spend time in. The first time I walked into one I knew I had to photograph the food and the interiors. And following that kind of emotional connection as a photographer works best for the images I make and for the people I shoot for.

This month, I have been lucky enough to shoot for owner Anita Drodz. She is having a new website designed and needs new visual material for it. She wanted images that capture the beauty of the food and a flavour of what it’s like to eat them. I chose to build a set of images that focus on not just the colour and texture of the food but, more importantly to me, a sense of intimacy and sensuality.

Here are a few highlights from the photoshoots.

You can find Youjuice on North Road, Montpelier Place and Brunswick Street East. If you’re ever in Brighton, take time to try them out: your body will thank you.

CLIENT: Youjuice, Brighton.

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