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Taking inspiration from Georgian fashion and styling, this portrait photo-shoot was a collaboration with Brighton-based make-up artist Lucille Dee and model Ella Vallance (Fresh Agents Ltd).

It was an opportunity to experiment with a new lighting set-up and a model I hadn’t worked with before. This meant there was more to discover around the ideas I had in my mind’s eye and what the model proposed in real time. The result was fresh ideas in the moment that kept a sense of immediacy. Something I’m always looking for when I shoot portraits.

In this instance we worked well as a team and produced a strong set of images.

I wanted a sophisticated look in the final images. I chose to process and retouch them accordingly, pulling out the cooler hues that compliment the vibrant make-up.

MODEL: Ella Vallance (Fresh Agents Ltd). MUA/STYLING: Lucille Dee. STUDIO: Tichborne Studios, Brighton.

CAMERA: Nikon D810, Fuji GFX 50S

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I’m a commercial and editorial photographer. I started shooting full-time in 2013. Subsequently I have worked with advertising agencies, design agencies, entrepreneurs, performers, musicians, DJ’s, singers, models, and culture and entertainment organisations/brands. Recent clients include: The National Theatre, Innovision, UKTI, Siren Design, Glyndebourne Productions Ltd, Stone Nest, The Old Vic etc. In September 2015 I joined the Redeye Network’s Lightbox programme for emerging photographers. I’m a founding member of the photography collective RISE. 

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